Tracking pregnancies

Tracking pregnancies

Tracking a pregnancy and predicting the whelping date is a fundamental part of responsible breeding. 

Breedera lets you create pregnancy records for any female dog. With Breedera’s pregnancy tracking, you can record important notes or events during the pregnancy and get a real time count-down to the whelping date.

Note: Pregnancy tracking is included in Breedera’s Free plan. You don’t need an active subscription to use the Heat Cycle, Matings or Pregnancy features on Breedera!

Adding a current pregnancy

To add a pregnancy that’s happening right now, go to the Dogs list and add or find the pregnant female from the list. Tap to enter her profile, then go to Records > Breeding > Pregnancies. From there you’ll be able to view and update the details of her current pregnancy, using the ‘View and update’ button.

Adding a previous pregnancy

Adding a previous pregnancy, a.k.a. a pregnancy that has happened in the past, with the litter already whelped, follow the steps above to reach the Pregnancies list of any dog. Then simply hit the (+) PLUS button to add a previous pregnancy.

Pregnancy countdown

When a pregnancy is in progress, it will appear on the Dashboard for easy reference and include a countdown to the estimated whelp date. Tapping the ‘View Pregnancy’ button allows you to quickly go to that pregnancy and add notes and temperature records, or confirm the whelp.

Tracking pregnancy temperatures

If you’re on the Breedera Complete Plan (requires subscription). You can improve your record-keeping even further by logging temperatures. This is particularly useful in the later stages of pregnancy when you can monitor temperatures and look for the pre-whelp temperature drop. Read more here [link to Temperature tracking guide].

Recording and monitoring pregnancies with Breedera is easy and stress free. But we’re always making improvements and listening to our breeder community to improve our service. If you want any help, or wish to offer feedback, please contact us, or join our Breeder Community.

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