Calming the chaos of raising puppies.

Breedera gives you the tools you need to track and monitor the health and growth of your new litter.

Puppy growth charts

Litter health records

Waitlist management

Reduce admin time.

Track your puppies’ health and wellbeing on your smartphone and spend fewer hours filling out spreadsheets and paper files.

Stay in control.

Keep a close eye on the health of your dogs and the growth of your litter with everything stored in one central, secure place.

Focus on your dogs.

Give back time to yourself to spend with the dogs and puppies you’re so passionate about.


Life is easier with Breedera.

Litter tracking and management.

Life is busy when you’ve got a litter on the ground. Raising puppies and keeping track of their growth is hands-on, so we’ve created tracking tools designed to make life easier when you’re logging records between cleaning up, feeding and playtime.

Monitor every aspect of your litter’s health.
Easy-to-use puppy health and welfare tracking tools make it simple and straightforward to keep track of weights, feeds, temperatures, treatments, vaccinations and more.

Track puppy growth.
Get a visual overview of your litter’s growth with interactive charts that allow you to view an individual puppy’s progress or compare the weights of the entire litter.

Generate health and heritage reports.
Store all puppy health history, photos, registrations, certificates and other vital data in one central place, ready to export, print and share with vets or new puppy families.

Monitor mom’s health.

Post-partum bitches need a lot of care and attention. Our dog health tracking tools allow you to closely monitor her health and wellbeing as she adjusts to being a mother.

Monitor dam weight.
Interactive weight graphs help you quickly see the health and progress of your newly-whelped dam as she takes on her new role as a mother.

Record important health data.
Log temperatures, health checks, diet and treatments to ensure mom stays healthy and happy alongside her puppies.

Retain vital whelping details.
Record information about the birth, including complications and delivery type, to share with your vet or refer to again in the future.

Waitlist management tools.

Managing waitlists and choosing the right families for your puppies can be challenging, especially alongside caring for your newly-whelped dam and her litter. Breedera reduces time and stress spent on admin by storing everything in one central place.

Manage the stress of your waitlist.
Log the information about the new owner of each puppy quickly and easily. Pull up their contact details at any time to share growth charts, photos and more.

Store, share, export and print from the app.
Prepare essential information for your puppy packs, such as full health and heritage of each puppy, plus any registrations, certificates and photos.


Breedera supports you at every stage of your breeding journey.

Heat cycles calculator.

Log and estimate your dam’s heat cycles and track matings, so you never miss an important date.

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Pregnancy countdown.

Prepare for whelping with our gestation countdown and whelp date forecasting tools.

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Dog welfare management.

Build detailed records of all your dogs and litters, including breeding dogs, puppies, and your pets and retirees too.

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Calming the chaos of breeder life

Breedera gives you peace of mind that all your essential breeding records, health history and buyer information are in one easy-to-access place.

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