Track and forecast dog heat cycles with Breedera 

Forecasting your dam’s heat cycles is the best way to start planning your breeding activities for the months and years ahead.  

Breedera gives you the tools you need to plan ahead for a successful litter.  

Record a heat cycle in Breedera

1. Open Dogs and tap the plus button Plus button.

2. Select Heat cycle.

3. Select a dog you wish to add a heat cycle for, and tap Continue.

4. From here, you can add the details of the heat, including the start and end date, ovulation date, attracted date and notes about any matings or pregnancies.

Add heat cycle information

View heat cycle information

Once you’ve started tracking heat cycles, you can view that information anytime. 

1. Open Dogs.

2. Tap on the dog’s profile. You can use the search bar or scroll to find the dam you’re looking for. 

3. Switch to Records

4. Under Breeding, select Heat cycles.

Heat cycle tracking in Breedera allows you to see her current and expected heat dates, followed by a list of previous cycles.

💡 Tip

For Breedera to calculate her next heat cycle or ovulation date, you must have at least two previous heat cycles/ovulation dates recorded.

Add matings within heat cycles

There are two ways to record matings in Breedera.  

⚠️ Important

You must already have a female and male dog stored in the app.

Mating quick add. 

  1. Open Dogs and tap Plus button. 
  1. Select Mating.  
  1. Tick the dog you wish to add a mating for and select Continue.  
  1. From here, you can add key mating details, such as date, time, partner, tie duration and insemination type.  

😌 Phew!

If the date of any mating falls inside the start and end date of any heat cycle, Breedera automatically saves the mating inside that heat for future reference. So, you always know which matings occurred during which heat cycle.

Add a mating via heat cycles. 

  1. Add a new heat cycle or open an existing heat cycle.   
  1. Select Add mating.  
  1. From here, you can add key mating details, such as date, time, partner, tie duration and insemination type. 

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