Record whelping details

Record whelping details

There are two ways to record a whelping event with Breedera. Either by adding a litter directly to the Litters page, or by tracking a pregnancy and then creating a litter from that pregnancy.

Before adding a litter, please ensure you’ve added basic profiles for both the Dam and the Sire in the Dogs list page.

Adding a litter directly

If you’re new to Breedera and have a litter on the ground right now, head to the Litters page and hit the (+) PLUS button.

When adding a litter you can chose a name for the litter, type the breed and any quick notes (any info you want to see at a quick glance in your litters list). Then chose the Dam and Sire of the litter and finally the whelp date. Hit Save.

Creating a litter from a pregnancy

If you’ve been tracking a pregnancy in Breedera, you can easily create a litter from that pregnancy. 

Firstly, you’ll need to go to the pregnancy, tap to open it and ensure you’ve selected a sire, added a conception date, marked the pregnancy as ‘Confirmed’ and added a due date. 

At the bottom of the pregnancy record, there’s a link to create a litter from the pregnancy, automatically named with the dam and sire details (you can edit the litter name later, if you wish).

Adding puppies and whelping details

When whelping day arrives it’s a chaotic time. We know you’ve already had a few sleepless nights by the time the puppies arrive. So we want to ensure that all the birth details are recorded correctly, with minimum hassle.

Using Breedera, you can store the date of whelp, as well as all the puppy details, their birth times, type of birth (natural, caesarean), their birth position and any birth observations, abnormalities, and more.

Additionally, Breedera allows you to assign each puppy a call name and an ID colour. So if you’re using whelping collars, tags or nail polish to identify the puppies, you can reflect that in the app. You can also add a profile photo to each puppy for further identification.

In order to record the whelping event you must first add a litter. 

Creating a litter from a pregnancy record

If you’ve been tracking the pregnancy already on Breedera, you can simply go to that Pregnancy record in the bitch’s profile, and at the bottom of the pregnancy page there’s an option to create a litter from the pregnancy. All the details from the pregnancy, such as the dam and sire will be automatically populated into the litter details for you.

Creating a litter from the litter’s page

If you have a litter on the ground and don’t have a pregnancy record for the bitch, you can still get started immediately by going to the Litters page and tapping the (+) PLUS button. This will allow you to input the litter details directly, including the name, breed, dam, sire and whelp date. 

Once you’ve entered the litter details and hit ‘Save’, you can then begin adding puppies.

Adding puppies to a litter

Tap on your newly created litter to enter the Puppies List. When you first do this, there’ll be no puppies in the list. To add your first puppy, hit the (+) PLUS button, then choose ‘Add new dog’. This will allow you to enter the details of the puppy, including all the birth details, for an accurate record of the whelping event. Then hit ‘Save’. You can always return and add more details later. 

Repeat this step for every puppy in the litter until all the puppies are recorded.

Note: Adding puppies to a litter also adds the puppies to your main dogs list too. So you can quickly find all your puppies in the dogs list, rather than having to find the litter first. 

Recording whelping details and adding puppies with Breedera is easy and stress free. But we’re always making improvements and listening to our breeder community to improve our service. If you want any help, or wish to offer feedback, please contact us, or join our Breeder Community.

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