Record all their treatments

Record all their treatments

Responsible breeders provide routine vet check-ups, vaccinations, and parasite treatments for both adult dogs and puppies. Additionally, adult dogs should have regular grooming and dental care. Puppies should also receive socialization and training during their early age to help them become well-adjusted, happy adults. With Breedera, all these treatments can be recorded quickly and easily.

How to record treatment for an entire litter

Breedera allows you to record treatments for several dogs or puppies at the same time; including an entire litter. From the litters page, select the litter you wish to update. Then, tap the (+) PLUS button. From here you can select the type of treatment you wish to record:

  • Select ‘Treatments’ for general treatments, such as vet check-ups, dental care, etc.
  • Select ‘Fleas’ for any flea or tick treatments
  • Select ‘Wormings‘ for any worm parasite treatments
  • Select ‘Vaccinations‘ for recording any vaccine treatments

When you’ve selected the type of treatment, you’ll then choose the puppies you wish to record the treatment for. Make your selection from the list by checking the boxes to the right of the puppy names, then tap ‘Continue’. 

From here, enter the details of the treatment. You can choose a different dosage for each puppy, as doses usually differ depending on the body weight of the puppy.

How to record a treatment for an individual dog or puppy

You can add treatments to an individual dog or puppy by following the steps above, in exactly the same way you would add treatments to an entire litter. Just select one puppy on the selection screen, rather than several.

Alternatively, you can use the (+) PLUS button from inside any dog or puppy profile, then select Treatments from the list. You can then enter the details of the treatment for that puppy on the following screen.

How to view the treatment records of any dog or puppy

To view the treatment records of any dog – including puppies inside a litter – simply find and open that dog’s profile. Then tap the ‘Records’ tab at the bottom of the screen. This will reveal all the dog’s welfare, breeding and admin records. Scroll down to find the item in the list you’re looking for, such as Vaccinations, Wormings, Fleas or Treatments, then tap that item to reveal the records of treatment. Tapping any individual record line will reveal the edit screen, where you can view and edit all the details of that treatment record.

Recording and monitoring treatments with Breedera is easy and stress free. But we’re always making improvements and listening to our breeder community to improve our service. If you want any help, or wish to offer feedback, please contact us, or join our Breeder Community.

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