Puppy growth charts

Puppy growth charts

As a responsible breeder, monitoring the weight of each puppy in your litter is an essential aspect of puppy care. By tracking the weight of each individual pup – and displaying the entire litter on one graph – you can ensure that they are receiving proper nutrition and care, and that they are growing and developing as expected.

Adding weights to the litter

To add weight records to any litter, simply open the litters tab and tap the litter to open the list of puppies. Then tap the (+) PLUS button and select ‘Weights’ from the list.

Note: Weights is a premium feature, available on our Complete plan. You’ll need to activate a paid subscription to enable the plan. But don’t worry, you’re never tied in. If you no longer need any premium features, simply cancel the subscription and go back to the free plan. You’ll always have access to the records you’ve added.

Once you’ve selected ‘Weights’, you can then choose the puppies you’d like to record weights for.

Now, just select the date and time that the weight was recorded, and add the weights to the dogs in the list.

Switching units from kg to lbs.

We’ve made switching units really easy. Just tap the ‘Change units’ button to instantly switch units. We’ll automatically convert them for you, so you don’t have to do any calculations. When you hit ‘Save’, the units you’ve selected will be used throughout the app. You can easily switch them back again by entering any weight record and tapping ‘Change units’ again.

Adding weights to an individual puppy

You can add weights to an individual puppy by following the steps above, in exactly the same way you would add weights to an entire litter. Just select one puppy on the selection screen, rather than several.

Alternatively, you can use the (+) PLUS button from inside any puppy profile, then selecting Weights from the list. You can then enter the weight for that puppy on the following screen.

Viewing the litter weight chart

To view the litter weight chart, go to the litter you wish to view, then simply tap the ‘Growth’ tab at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then see the litter growth chart with all the puppies on there.

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of litter growth charts:

  • In order for puppies to appear on the graph, they must have their birth date set. This is because the graphs use a dog’s date of birth as their base point.
  • If you want to hide or show a dog on the graph, just tap their name in the list below the graph, this will select and deselect them to be shown.
  • Use the Share button to share the chart with anyone you like. You’ll be able to send the graph by text message, email, or post it on social media.

By keeping track of each puppy’s weight with Breedera, you can ensure that all of your puppies are healthy and developing properly, setting them up for a happy and successful life.

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