Log temperature records

Log temperature records

For responsible breeders, it’s hugely important to monitor the temperatures of newborn puppies. Maintaining sufficient body temperature is essential for a puppy’s health and survival. Keeping the puppies warm helps them to digest food and absorb nutrients, ward off infection and regulate their metabolism.

Equally, when a dam is approaching the later stages of pregnancy, monitoring her temperature provides huge insight into the impending arrival of the whelp.

That’s why Breedera makes it super easy to record temperatures of puppies and adult dogs. 

Adding temperatures to the litter

To add temperature records to any litter, simply open the ‘litter’s tab and tap the litter to open the list of puppies. Then tap the (+) PLUS button and select ‘Temperatures’ from the list.

Note: Temperatures is a premium feature, available on our Complete plan. You’ll need to activate a paid subscription to enable the plan. But don’t worry, you’re never tied in. If you no longer need any premium features, simply cancel the subscription and go back to the free plan. You’ll always have access to the records you’ve added.

Once you’ve selected ‘Temperatures’, you can then choose the puppies you’d like to record temperatures for.

Now, just select the date and time that the temperature was recorded, and add the temperatures to the dogs in the list.

Switching units from °C to °F.

We’ve made switching units really easy. Just tap the ‘Change units’ button to instantly switch units. We’ll automatically convert them for you, so you don’t have to do any calculations. When you hit ‘Save’, the units you’ve selected will be used throughout the app. You can easily switch them back again by entering any weight record and tapping ‘Change units’ again.

Adding temperature records to an individual dog or puppy

You can add temperatures to an individual dog or puppy by following the steps above, in exactly the same way you would add temperatures to an entire litter. Just select one puppy on the selection screen, rather than several. 

Alternatively, you can use the (+) PLUS button from inside any puppy profile, then select Temperatures from the list. You can then enter the temperature for that puppy on the following screen.

Monitor pregnancy temperatures

We’ve designed a full guide to monitoring pregnancy temperatures which you can view here [insert link].

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