Have you ever considered downloading a dog breeding app, but unsure if it’s right for your breeding programme?  

Switching from paper records and binders to a new app can be daunting, and we hear from a lot of breeders who are nervous about making the leap because of time constraints, data security or simply wanting to stick with what they know.  

If you’re asking yourself, “Is a dog breeding app right for me?”, keep reading!

In this article, we’re debunking the myths around breeding apps and answering some common questions we get asked about our own breeding app, Breedera.  

Myth 1: “I’m not tech-savvy, so a dog breeding app would be too complicated for me.“

In a world with an app for just about everything, you may be wondering whether adding another app into the mix will overcomplicate things. 

And, you’re right! If you’re using software that isn’t specifically suited to dog breeders (we see you, Excel), then you’ll likely have to take extra steps to make sure it works for your needs.  

However, Breedera is designed with responsible breeders at its heart.  

Technology should make your life easier, not more complicated.  

Incredibly simple to navigate, you really don’t need to be a tech guru to harness its full power!  

We’ve made sure of this by consulting with hundreds of breeders worldwide to create an app that’s simple, time-saving and places all your records in the palm of your hand.  

Myth 2: “An app cannot offer me the same detailed record keeping as traditional methods, like paper files and spreadsheets.”  

Traditional record-keeping methods, like spreadsheets and handwritten notes, have served breeders well in the past, but using an app can transform boxes of paperwork into easily accessible and searchable breeding logs.  

With Breedera, you can effortlessly search for a specific dog or litter and view all its information, such as weights, temperatures, matings, heat cycles, pregnancies, vaccinations, feeds, treatments and more.  

No more hauling huge files with you to the vets; everything is in the palm of your hand and just a few taps away.  

Myth 3: “I like physical records and sharing info with my vets and new puppy families, so an app isn’t right for me.”

After speaking with so many breeders, we know that sometimes a physical piece of paper or folder is preferred when sharing vital information with health professionals, other breeders or new puppy families.

That’s why, with Breedera, you can share, export and print dog records anytime.  

You can choose to send a digital copy of your records to one of your contacts or create a print-ready report or graph.  

Myth 4: “If I lose my phone or password, I’ll lose my records.”

Thanks to the secure data storage of cloud-based apps, losing your phone doesn’t mean losing access to all your dog records.  

When you store information on an app, it’s not logged directly onto your physical device but in a remote server where it can always be recovered should you ever lose or damage your phone.  

Your valuable dog records remain accessible from any internet-connected device; all you’d need to do is log in with your credentials, and all your records are right there.

Myth 5: “Uploading all my historic breeding data will take ages, so I’m better off sticking to my current record-keeping process.”

It’s hard to change your way of doing things, especially when you’ve got years and years of records sat in filing cabinets.   

However, with Breedera, you can get started at your own pace, adding just one dog or one litter – no need to sit and backdate everything all at once (unless you absolutely want to, of course).   

Simply tap (+) to add your first dog and get started. It’s as simple as that.   

You can come back anytime to update records, or add more dogs and previous litters. There’s no pressure to do everything in one go. 

Calming the chaos of breeder life

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Calming the chaos of breeder life

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