New update: An even smarter way to log and track your puppy weights

Dynamic and digital weight charts were one of the original features of PuppyFat. We wanted to provide breeders with a safe, simple way to keep dog records in one place.

Well, we’ve levelled up your weight charts…

Let us introduce an even smarter way to view, track, monitor and compare your puppy weights.

Access these new updates in the latest PuppyFat 3.2.3 update on iOS and Android.

A smarter way to view, track and compare your puppy weight charts.gif

Your weight charts just got smarter – you can now pinch, zoom, scroll and pan through the data, getting close and personal with your records and pinpointing specific dates and weights for each pup.

Literally, all your records are at your fingertips!

How to zoom in and out on your weight charts:

  1. Pinch the screen in and out like you would to zoom in on a photo.

  2. Use your fingers to drag and pan across the weight chart.

  3. Tap a specific area of the chart to view your dog’s exact weight on that date.

Filter and compare your dogs’ weights in a few taps

What’s more, with just a few taps, you can drill down into individual dogs or compare weights across your entire litter. Simply hit the dog’s name in to filter down the information.

This is fantastic for comparing the weight charts of your smallest and largest dogs. Or alternatively, once you’ve logged enough data, you can even start to compare the weights of dogs across different generations.

How to filter and compare weight charts.

  1. Tap the puppy names at the bottom of the weight chart to select/deselect them from your view.

Share your puppy weight charts instantly.gif

Forget sending screenshots or painstakingly typing up spreadsheets and emails; instead, hit share to instantly share your puppy weight charts with your vet, puppy families or other breeders.

Not only does this save time, but it’s a fantastic way of keeping your new buyers up to date with the health and wellbeing of your pups. It also means you’ve never got to drag that binder to the vets ever again – all the information is in your pocket.

Share your puppy weights with others.

  1. Hit the Share at the bottom of the litter weight chart to bring up all the sharing options. We support sharing via email, text, WhatsApp Messenger and more.

Access your new puppy weight charts in the latest PuppyFat 3.2.3 update on iOS and Android.

Want to save time logging, storing and sharing breeder records securely?

PuppyFat lets you effortlessly and securely record weights, feeds, treatments, heats and matings in one central place.

As always, we’re continuously working hard to bring new features and functionality to the app and it’s our community of passionate, caring and responsible breeders who help drive this development forward. 

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