New for 2022: Web version, calendars, waitlists and more

As 2021 draws to a close, we thought we’d look back on what’s been a transformational year for PuppyFat. Alongside new updates and features, we’ve also made some incredible steps towards scaling up the app and offering even more to our breeding community.

New update: An even smarter way to log and track your puppy weights

Let us introduce an even smarter way to view, track, monitor and compare your puppy weights. Your weight charts just got smarter – you can now pinch, zoom, scroll and pan through the data, getting close and personal with your records and pinpointing specific dates and weights for each pup.

Huge new feature: upload and store breeder documents.

You can now securely upload, store and share documents in the PuppyFat app. Whether you’ve got a giant binder of information or a folder on your laptop, there’s nothing worse than having to sift through trying to find that crucial document you could “swear you put in here somewhere”, right?

You asked for it, we created it… PDF Exports have arrived

A popular request from users has been the ability to export puppy and dog records from the PuppyFat app to PDF so they could be easily shared with vets, collaborating breeders, industry professionals and buyers via email or another messaging platform. We’ve now created and launched that feature and it’s available on version 3.1.8 and later.

Export your records to PDF

We’ve added the ability to export your records to PDF. All you need to do is tap the Actions tab on the dog you’d like to export records for and select Export to PDF.

Quickly Add Records in PuppyFat

We’ve recently added more features into the PuppyFat app to save you even more time when logging your dog records. Details and Actions buttons are now available on the bottom of each dog card.

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