New for 2022: Web version, calendars, waitlists and more

As 2021 draws to a close, we thought we’d look back on what’s been a transformational year for PuppyFat. Alongside new updates and features, we’ve also made some incredible steps towards scaling up the app and offering even more to our breeding community.

Below is a round-up of the year and a sneak peek at what you can expect in 2022.

2021 UNLEASHED programme.

As you may have seen, we’ve been working with Nestlé Purina Accelerator Lab as one of the six winners of their 2021 UNLEASHED programme.

This has helped us put together an exciting plan for the new year and we have some very exciting things coming your way (keep reading to find out more).

PuppyFat FREE version launch.

We have launched a free version of the PuppyFat app that allows you to:

  • Track and predict heat cycles

  • Record matings

  • Forecast whelp dates

After continuing to work with our dog breeding community, we realise that you guys need the flexibility to temporarily upgrade/downgrade plans as and when your dogs come into season.

That’s why our free plan delivers you the essential tools for when you’re preparing for your next litter. 

And, as your whelp date approaches, you have the choice to temporarily upgrade to the complete breeding toolbox that includes full litter tracking, weights, feeds and treatments monitoring and document import and exports.  

Improved weight charts.

This year, we also levelled up your weight charts.

You can now pinch, zoom, scroll and pan through the data, getting close and personal with your records and pinpointing specific dates and weights for each pup.

Find out how to get more from your weight charts here.

Document and file storage.

In the summer, we gave users the ability to securely store, upload and share documents in PuppyFat.

We know having everything in one place is hugely important to you as a breeder.

Whether you’ve got a giant binder of information or a folder on your laptop, there’s nothing worse than having to sift through trying to find that crucial document you could “swear you put in here somewhere”, right?

You can upload and store all of your important documents, certificates and photos for your dogs – and, you can even share them with your vet or other breeders.

Securely upload, store and share your documents in PuppyFat

PDF Exports.

Another feature that was hotly anticipated by our users was PDF exports of dog records.

You can simply tap the Actions tab on the dog you’d like to export records for and select Export to PDF.

This brings up a menu where you can select the data sections you need to include in your PDF report.

Once you’ve selected the records you wish to export, hit Export and this will give you an option of how to send it based on the apps on your device – i.e. via email or a messaging app.

Instantly export your records to PDF with PuppyFat

What's new for 2022?

Plan ahead with reminders and calendars.

Keep track of important dates and appointments with in-app calendars and reminders. 

Gain insights with health tests, genetics and pedigrees.

Record genetics, health tests and pedigrees in the PuppyFat app. 

Streamline your waitlist and application process.

Find the perfect match without the hassle by managing your waitlist and applications in one app. 

Is there anything else you’d like to see in the app? I always love hearing from you, so drop me an email at if you have an idea or problem you think we could solve. 

In the meantime, if you’re not already a part of our growing dog breeding community we’d love to have you – join for free!

Breeder record keeping, made easy.

  • Track weights, feeds and treatments
  • Plan heat cycles and estimate whelp dates
  • Printand share records and charts

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