How it works.

Step 1. Download

Head to the App Store and download Breedera for free.

Step 2. Create an account

Create a new account with Breedera, when prompted enter the code PURINA23 to activate your exclusive offer.

Step 3. Enjoy it for free

And the best part… you’re never on a leash. When the 6 months ends, you can continue to enjoy Breedera on our free plan.

Or keep the full features for a small, flexible monthly fee.

Get started today.

Purina Breeder Connect members have an exclusive offer of 6-months free usage, using code PURINA23.

Simply click the link below.

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Breedera is always free for basic use. When the 6 months ends, you'll return to our standard free plan. Here's what's included:

  • Organise your dog and litter profiles
  • Log matings and key details
  • Track and estimate heat cycles
  • Forecast and countdown to whelp dates
  • Manage your waitlist and contacts
  • Export, share and print your data

Breedera offers the flexible 'Complete' plan for £9.99 per month.

  • Log weights and generate growth charts
  • Track and monitor temperature changes
  • Record vaccines, worming, and flea/tick treatments
  • Create diet routines and track supplementary feeds
  • Keep detailed notes
  • Upload and store documents and photos

The paid plan is completely flexible. You can cancel it and restart it any time. And any data you've already recorded in the app is yours to keep. We never lock you out of your data, even when you switch back to free.

Claim your 6 month free plan today

Enjoy access to our full list of features for free for six months. Use code PURINA23.

Calming the chaos of breeder life

Breedera gives you peace of mind that all your essential breeding records, health history and buyer information are in one easy-to-access place.

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