At PuppyFat, we’ve always been passionate about creating software that solves the real-life problems of dog breeders. We spoke to members of our dog breeder community to see how they’re using PuppyFat to make breeding admin easier.

Speaking to breeders across the world, we’ve found that there are three uniting common problems: keeping records organised and in one place, sharing records with vets, customers and other breeders with ease and remembering what needs to be done and when (vaccines and treatments). 

It’s thanks to our loyal community of breeders that we’ve been able to design a product specifically to address these problems. 

Three years on and our dog breeders are using PuppyFat to reduce the hours spent on tedious admin and spend more quality time with their dogs and pups. 

We caught up with two of our users to find out how they’re using PuppyFat.

Kelly’s story.

Kelly Brown is the owner of H&M Acres Newfoundlands, a small family dog breeder based in Indiana. 

Kelly is passionate about producing healthy and happy pups, concentrating on the health and temperament of their lines.

“Our dogs are our babies first and foremost – they live in our home with us, all eight full-grown Newfoundlands. And they retire with us once their breeding life has ended,” says Kelly.

Breeding two to three litters a year, H&M Acres dogs are tested for elbows, hips, hearts, cystinuria, & degenerative myelopathy at a minimum. Keeping up-to-date dog records is a priority for H&M Acres as it allows them to always have the correct information to hand, whenever needed:

“I was using a notebook that I was always misplacing – ugh! I also tried keeping them in a binder because it was bigger and hard to misplace,” she tells us. 

“With PuppyFat, there’s no more searching for the notebook – I always know where my phone is. Having all of my information on my phone allows me to pull whatever I need at any time and I don’t have to carry the dreaded notebook with me to work or on vacations!”

It’s also important for Kelly to have great communication with the puppy families. The weight charts feature allows her to easily stay in touch and send information to families about their new pups. 

“We maintain communication with our puppy families for life and have many repeat buyers. About 15 of our dogs are working as service dogs with children and young adults with Autism – we’re so proud of the work our dogs are doing.” 

Switching to a digital solution has not only helped Kelly save time but also establish and maintain good relationships with customers. 

PuppyFat allows breeders to instantly export records to a PDF and send it to whoever needs the information – puppy families, vets and other professionals. There’s no need to replicate the data in another format or even take screenshots. 

Shari’s story.

Shari Joanisse, owner of Heeling NRG and breeder Australian Shepherds, is also using PuppyFat to consolidate her records and keep all the information about her dogs in one place:

“I’ve been in this breed for 16 years, active in performance scent detection, tracking, agility, and conformation. I love to support and introduce new families to the breed, and I’m always excited to share what these amazing dogs are capable of,” Shari tells us. 

“Before PuppyFat, I was using a combination of different apps, like Apple Numbers and Pages. I set up a system that would allow me to edit one litter page and all the other records would be automatically be populated. I would also get reminders for important dates. However, my favourite feature of PuppyFat is that all my information is mostly in one place.”

Shari’s dogs are also part of the family, living with her in her home in Eastern Ontario. She is dedicated to maintaining the versatility and intelligence of her dogs and her goal is to produce Canadian Kennel Club registered dogs with outstanding temperaments.

“PuppyFat has saved me time because all the information is on my phone and iPad. I’m eagerly awaiting a desktop version so I have everything up to date on my computer too. I love having all my dog records – even co-owned dogs – in one place, literally at my fingertips.”

Want to save time logging, storing and sharing breeder records securely?

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