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    PuppyFat has partnered with LAB+BONE, which specialises in protecting the identity of your dog from theft, loss, or dispute of ownership using your dog’s unique DNA.  

    As most breeders know, incidents of dog theft are rapidly increasing. The rise in demand for puppies during the pandemic turned stealing dogs into a booming business opportunity. As a result, dogs are being taken from our homes and gardens, and even during their daily walks.  

    The Vice documentary “The Gangs that Steal Your Puppies” provides a terrifying insight into the organisation, pervasiveness and brutality of dog thieves in the UK. 

    LAB+BONE is working to protect you from total loss in the event of dog theft or dispute of ownership.  

    “Microchips – often misunderstood to be trackers – simply aren’t up to the job,” explains David Fulton, Founder of LAB+BONE. 

    In fact, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home states that 63% of microchipped dogs collected by local authorities have an inaccurate database record

    “Sadly, microchips can be removed just as easy as they were put in – and police require evidence to take action.” 

    LAB+BONE ensure that you, the dog’s owner, can legally prove it’s your dog by cryogenically freezing and storing a sample of the dog’s unique DNA.  

    “Finding your lost dog, but not being able to prove that it is yours would be truly horrifying. So, we store a full sample of your dog’s DNA in our cryogenic freezer. In the event of a theft or a dispute in ownership, we work with the rightful owner to ensure they can prove ownership. When a positive DNA match is made, the owner has the necessary forensic evidence. If dog thieves knew that all dogs were protected in this way, dog theft would be pointless, and dogs and their families would be safe,” David continues. 

    Professor Rob Ogden, Director of Conservation Science at The Roslin Institute and The Royal School of Veterinary Studies, agrees: 

    “Stolen dogs are often found on puppy farm raids. Storing your pet’s DNA means they can be legally identified and returned to you.”  

    Part of our ethos at PuppyFat is to work with innovative companies that share our values. PuppyFat has partnered with LAB+BONE because we know that our community of breeders care deeply about the risk of dog theft – not only of their breeding dogs, but also on behalf of their puppy families.  

    “LAB+BONE has created an amazing product that has the real potential to end pet theft. Ensuring that dogs can always be traced back to their rightful owners is best for the dog, breeders and pet parents.” 

    As a PuppyFat member, you receive 15% discount from LAB+BONE for your own dogs, and you’re able to pass this offer on to your new puppy families so you know your dogs have lifetime protection.  

    To grab your discount and learn more, head to the LAB+BONE website

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