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PuppyFat Founder meets new Unleashed Purina Accelerator Cohort at EU-Startups Summit 2022

PuppyFat attended the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona on 12-13 May 2022. The two-day exclusive event showcased many of Europe’s top startups, bringing together 1,500+ founders and startup enthusiasts.  

We were particularly excited to attend this year’s EU-Startups Summit as it shined a light on PetTech by hosting three dedicated sessions together with Unleashed (powered by Purina Accelerator Lab).

EU-Startups Summit

“We spent two incredible days in Barcelona and visited Purina Studios, Nestle HQ and met some of the people we have been working with at Purina during the Unleashed Accelerator Programme,” enthuses Mike White, Founder of PuppyFat.

“A highlight for me was meeting Kim Bill, the Head of Purina Accelerator Lab who was hosting one of the PetTech workshops at the summit.” 

As one of the six startups who took part in the Unleashed Accelerator in 2021, it was great to have the chance to attend the PetTech workshops, panel discussions and pitch sessions. 

“I was asked to speak to the new cohort of Unleashed startups and give them my advice. The main thing I encouraged them to do was to be open, collaborative and cooperative,” Mike tells us. 

“It’s so easy to think that your ideas are sacred and that you shouldn’t share them but Unleashed taught me that the more open I was, the more I could grow.”

The EU-Startups Summit is one of many events the PuppyFat team is hoping to attend this year – we cannot wait to see what the rest of 2022 has in store.

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