Navigating the complexities of UK Dog Breeding Licensing laws as a dog breeder, alongside maintaining the care, attention and energy it takes to breed happy, healthy animals, is no small feat. Council-licensed breeders Tregearvean Labradors know the challenge all too well.

Located in Cannock, Staffordshire, Rhian and Brian Dash are committed to ethical breeding and compassionate dog ownership, with many of their dogs used in situations where a dog’s companionship makes all the difference, such as therapy and support dogs for autistic children and teens.  

With a house of 11 dogs, life is busy.  

Add keeping up with the admin of council licensing into the mix and it’s a recipe for overwhelm.  

Assured Kennel Club breeders Rhian and Brian have been using Breedera to help save time and reduce the burden of some of this admin.

Tracking weights and comparing litter growth rates 

Tregearvean is using our popular weight tracking tool to log and compare the growth rate of their litters: 

“Before, we relied on paper records for weights, but Breedera makes our lives so much easier,” Rhian tells us. 

“We’re able to quickly log all our dog and puppy weights and then compare our litter growth with previous litters. It’s a game-changer.” 

Puppy weight charts in Breedera

She explains how she can easily export, print or digitally share the weight charts with vets and new puppy families.  

“When people come to buy puppies from us, we’re able to show them the weights and growth graph. You can download it really easily,” Rhian continues. 

“Logging records for multiple dogs in one go is a life-saver.” 

Tregearvean Labradors council-licensed breeders. Two chocolate labradors sitting on a sofa. Chocolate labrador puppies

Storing health certificates and testing 

Rhian and Brian are committed to improving the genetics in the Chocolate Labrador line and use selective breeding together with up-to-date DNA testing, hip scoring and eye testing to ensure the best potential for each dog.  

With Breedera, breeders can store all of this information – test results, health certificates and more – for each dog with a profile in the app, helping you build up a full health and heritage log. 

How Breedera reduces the stress of UK council-licensed breeders  

“Licensing varies across the UK, some council-licensed breeders are required to log exactly the number of walks, number of times a dog goes to the toilet, if and when they’re taken out in the car. It’s all got to be recorded,” Rhian says. 

“Our licensing officer is pragmatic in their approach and happy with all the detailed records we keep in Breedera. We tend to log anything that’s out of the ordinary for our dogs, rather than tracking every time they go to the toilet.”  

“This, alongside logging vaccinations, treatments and weights, has supported us in maintaining our 5-star license!”  

Tregearvean Labradors council-licensed breeders. Two chocolate labradors sitting on a sofa 9 labradors in a dog breeder's home with a Christmas tree in the background

Find out more about Tregearvean Labradors on their website and on Facebook.

Calming the chaos of breeder life

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Calming the chaos of breeder life

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