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    Keeping track of multiple contacts is a fundamental part of breeder life. From vets and groomers, to stud owners and other breeders, and of course, your buyers and owner families too. 

    Using Breedera, you can store the details of all your breeding contacts so you can find them quickly at any time. You can then link any contact to any dog, meaning you can assign owners, breeders or guardians to all your dogs for perfect organisation and easy reference.

    Note: Adding and tracking contacts is included Breedera’s Free plan. You don’t need an active subscription to use this feature on Breedera!

    To get started, go to the Contacts page and hit the (+) PLUS button. Then fill in the contact’s information (name, address, phone, email, etc) in the relevant fields. You can add and store unlimited contacts in your contacts list.

    At the bottom of each Contact’s page, you can select appropriate ‘tags’ for that contact. Such as Waitlist, Breeder, Owner, Vet, Groomer, etc. These tags can then be used as a way to filter the Contacts list to quickly find the contact you’re looking for.

    Adding relationships between dogs and contacts

    Once a contact has been added, you can quickly link any Contact with any Dog (or Puppy) in your database. We call this link a ‘relationship’. To set a relationship, go to any Contact, and tap the ‘Dogs’ box to reveal the list of linked dogs. From there, you’ll be able to tap the ‘Add relationship to dog’ button. This will lead you to a new page where you choose the dog you want to link to that contact, then choose the role that the Contact plays to the Dog (choose from Owner, Breeder, Guardian). You can add any notes, such as the transfer date, purchase price, etc and hit Save. This will link the Dog and Contact. The relationship will be displayed in the ‘Dogs’ section of the Contact; or the Contacts section of the Dog.

    Managing contacts with Breedera is easy and stress free. But we’re always making improvements and listening to our breeder community to improve our service. If you want any help, or wish to offer feedback, please contact us, or join our Breeder Community.

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