Responsible dog breeding requires dedication, love and a deep understanding of the breed.  

In this interview with Francine Kelly, owner of Frapachi Chihuahuas, we dive into her journey as a breeder and the unique qualities of her breeding programme.  

With a focus on health, temperament and socialisation, Francine’s success in breeding champion Chihuahuas is a testament to her passion and commitment.   

Frapachi Chihuahuas and Breedera

Getting started with breeding Chihuahuas. 

Francine’s journey into the world of dog breeding began a decade ago when she rescued a Chihuahua. Falling in love with the breed, she decided to explore the world of showing and breeding.  

Inspired by her aunt’s experience with Great Danes, Francine decided to take early retirement and pursue her newfound passion.  

With a quality show dog from the UK as her foundation, she embarked on her breeding journey. 

Choosing Chihuahuas. 

Francine’s choice to focus on Chihuahuas was driven by her personal connection to the breed after previously taking in a rescue.  

Also, Francine explains that, as someone who suffers with arthritis, she appreciates the fact that Chihuahuas require minimal grooming. This made them the perfect companions for her and contributed to her decision to breed them. 

Improving the Chihuahua breed.  

When asked about what sets her breeding program apart, Francine acknowledges that she simply breeds the best dogs she has, to continuously improve the quality of her litters. Her commitment to using physically healthy and temperamentally sound dogs ensures the overall wellbeing of her breeding program. 

Francine’s breeding program has achieved remarkable success within a relatively short span of time.  

From her first litter in 2019, she has produced three Irish Champions, four home-bred dogs with stud book numbers, and multiple dogs with prestigious awards in the UK. Francine was the top winning long coat kennel in Ireland in 2023.

These accomplishments speak volumes about her dedication and expertise as a breeder. 

Prioritising the health and wellbeing of Chihuahuas.  

The health and wellbeing of her dogs is evidently of utmost importance to Francine. Regular vet checks ensure that her breeding dogs are in optimal physical condition.  

However, she goes beyond physical health and considers temperament as a crucial factor for breeding. Only dogs that meet both criteria are selected for her program, ensuring the overall health and happiness of the Chihuahuas she breeds. 

Calming the chaos of breeder life

Socialisation and training techniques for Chihuahuas.  

Early socialisation plays a vital role in raising well-rounded puppies, and Francine understands its significance.  

Starting at three weeks old, the puppies are introduced to the household and encouraged to interact with her grandchildren.  

Once vaccinated, they are taken for walks near schools and busy areas, exposing them to various sights, sounds, and people. This approach helps the puppies develop into confident and sociable companions. 

Francine’s journey as a Chihuahua breeder showcases the passion and dedication required to excel in the field. Her focus on health, temperament, and socialization sets Frapachi Chihuahuas apart. 

With multiple champion dogs and a commitment to raising healthy, happy puppies, Francine’s breeding program is a shining example of responsible dog breeding. 

Find out more about Frapachi Chihuahuas by following them on TikTok.

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