Mike White Founder of Breedera speaks with Business Awards UK following our recent win of the Exceptional Pet and Animal Technology award at the Pet and Animal Care Awards 2023.

Breedera was crowned Exceptional Pet and Animal Technology of 2023 at this year’s Pet and Animal Care Awards, which we see as a testament to our team’s commitment to enhancing the world of responsible breeding.  

We were also finalist in the Outstanding Pet Care App category, an accolade that went to VETPASS. 

Mike speaks with organisers of the Pet and Animal Care Awards, Business Awards UK, about his journey as the founder of a dog breeding app. 

A passion for technology, animals and entrepreneurship

Mike’s first step towards founding Breedera was working in his family-run veterinary equipment business, where he got to talk to all kinds of animal lovers and specialists.

One group of customers always stood out to him – dog breeders.  

“I was amazed by the pride and passion of responsible breeders and quickly became curious about what it’s like to live that lifestyle,” Mike says. 

“But I was equally fascinated with the analogue processes used by dog breeders when it came to logging and storing their important dog breeding records. I knew I could help provide a more efficient solution.”  

From PuppyFat to Breedera

Together with talented software developer (and now Breedera’s Chief Technical Officer) Chris, Mike launched PuppyFat, a simple puppy weight tracking app.

The app quickly gained attention from breeders across the world and a community of early adopters formed, helping Mike to further develop ideas and features, such as tracking feeds, vaccinations, and worming. 

In 2023, PuppyFat relaunched as Breedera – a brand new app built from scratch that goes beyond puppy weight tracking and gives breeders peace of mind that all their essential breeding records, health history and buyer information are in one easy-to-access place.

From paper to digital 

One of the primary challenges Breedera faces is transitioning breeders from analogue methods to digital solutions:

“Many breeders are resistant to change and comfortable with their existing processes. So building trust and showcasing the benefits of digitalisation is an ongoing challenge for our team,” Mike highlights. 

“However, we now have over 23,000 users and a community of 1000+ dog breeders who support us in continuously designing new features that are designed for responsible breeders.” 

Forging strong partnerships 

“Trust and transparency are at the core of Breedera’s success,” he adds.  

“And that’s why we’ve cultivated many partnerships with other organisations in the industry.” 

Breedera is partnered with Queen’s University Belfast and participated in the Unleashed Accelerator program run by Netslé Purina.  

What’s next for Breedera?

“We plan to enhance our export features, including the ability to print and share health records,” says Mike. 

“And, in the coming years, we want to expand geographically, focusing on the USA and European markets, with the backing of Purina.” 

Breeder record keeping, made easy.

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Breedera gives you peace of mind that all your essential breeding records, health history and buyer information are in one easy-to-access place.

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