We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Breedera Blueprint – your ultimate guide to the latest features, upcoming developments and the future vision of our dog breeding app.  

What is the Breedera Blueprint?

At Breedera, we understand the passion and dedication that goes into your dogs, and we’re committed to supporting you with the admin tools you need to support your breeding programme.  

The Breedera Blueprint offers a glimpse into the exciting new features we’re working on.  

New updates for Breedera released in Spring 2024 – Breedera Blueprint

Add Records to Multiple Puppies 

Say goodbye to the days of manually selecting each puppy when adding records. With our latest update, adding records to multiple puppies at once has never been easier. Simply add a new record, and all the puppies in your litter are automatically selected, saving you valuable time and effort. 


Gone are the days of manually inputting a new puppy’s breed and birthday. With our auto-birthday feature, a new puppy’s breed and birthday are automatically generated, allowing you to focus on more important tasks while we take care of the details. 

Quickly Add a New Dog 

We understand that time is precious for breeders. That’s why we’ve streamlined the process of adding a new dog to the app. Now, you only need to provide the name, breed, and sex of any new dog, with the option to add more details later. 

Log records for an entire litter in seconds

What we’re working towards on the Breedera Blueprint 

The Breedera Blueprint also gives you a sneak peek into what we’re currently working on and what you can expect in future updates. Here are some features that are in the pipeline: 

Improving Sort/Filter for Your Dogs 

We’re cleaning up the dog list to make it even easier to find the dog you’re looking for. Expect a clear place for outside studs and bitches, as well as the ability to sort sold puppies from your “keepers.” 

Improving PDF Exports 

We’re redesigning the PDF layouts to make them look more exciting and clearer for any external licensing inspectors. Stay tuned for the ability to add your own kennel name and logo to the PDFs. 

Improving Uploads 

We’re reimagining the current document storage to make it easier to use and able to handle larger files, even with a poor internet connection. 

Upcoming Treatments 

We’re working hard to give you the ability to add future treatments, like vaccinations, fleas, and ticks, to the app so you can see a list of past and upcoming treatments for your dogs. 

Mike White Founder of Breedera

Our future vision for Breedera 

Looking ahead, here’s the vision for the future of Breedera: 

Access Breedera on PC 

We’re working on a web version of Breedera so you can access your records on any device and work on your admin on a bigger screen. Everything will sync seamlessly from your phone to your laptop, ensuring you have access to your records wherever you are. 

Reminders and Notifications 

Expect alerts and notifications to remind you about upcoming key dates scheduled in the app. Never forget an important date again! 

Multi-User Access 

We understand that dog breeding is often a family affair. That’s why we’re working on giving you the flexibility to add multiple users to your Breedera account while ensuring full security and control over your data. 

Dog breeders – we need you! 

Breedera is shaped by the dog breeding community. Have a feature you’d like to see in the app? Reach out to us at support@breedera.com and let us know! Your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to improve and enhance Breedera for breeders like you. 

Breeder record keeping, made easy.

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