PuppyFat partners with Queen’s University Belfast


Veterinary research into outcomes of socialisation of puppies and enrichment of dams.

We’re really pleased to announce that PuppyFat will be partnering with researchers at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) to help gather data on socialisation protocols and enrichment techniques.

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What we aim to do

PuppyFat will be the first platform that enables breeders to record their socialisation and enrichment activities (a feature that’s coming very soon on our roadmap). This will be accompanied by a PDF export so you can download and share the details of your dog’s enrichment or your puppies’ socialisation.

Volunteers needed

If you do any type of dam enrichment or puppy socialisation (which I expect the majority of you do), it would be absolutely fantastic if you could volunteer to share your methods and results, using the link below. It doesn’t matter whether your experienced or new, large or small, the more volunteers, the better.

It’s not invasive, or labour intensive, and you won’t be obliged at all. Signing up below just means that a researcher from QUB has permission to contact you and send out surveys.

Any time you can give to answer the QUB surveys will be hugely beneficial to research and hopefully be used to encourage new breeders to work with best practices based on the proven track record of healthy, happy pups that PuppyFat breeders have.

In return for PuppyFat’s help with research, QUB have offered to be on our advisory panel, helping shape the Socialisation and Enrichment features that we’re building into our software.

It’s a really exciting development and we’re looking forward to discussing socialisation and enrichment again in future posts!

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