Breeding records in the palm of your hand.

Access your info instantly, anytime, anywhere

Monitor heat cycles, pregnancies, and medications

Track puppies from whelp to weaning.

Get started in minutes. Scan here.

Or search ‘Breedera’ on the App Store

Get started in minutes. Scan here.

Or search ‘Breedera’ on the App Store

Focus on what you love.

Spend more hours with your dogs and less time filling out spreadsheets and digging through paper files.

Add records quickly while you’re on the go and easily monitor puppy health and growth with interactive charts and graphs.

Feel organised and in control.

Track and monitor all your dog and puppy weights, treatments, vaccinations, health tests, documents and more in one central, secure place.

Predict and calculate your most important breeding dates with our smart heat cycle estimation, whelp date forecasting tool and gestation countdown.

Share what you’re proud of.

Generate professional health reports and graphs to export, print and share with vets, licensing bodies, puppy families and other breeders.

With Breedera, you can demonstrate the full health and family history of every one of your dogs in digital and paper format.

Be part of our growing community.

Breedera explained


Rest assured, Breedera takes care of backing up your records securely. Our cloud-based system automatically safeguards your datas so you can trust that your valuable information is well-protected.To provide you with added peace of mind, Breedera enables you to export your records instantly to PDF. This allows you to create paper-based backups or store digital copies outside our platform. We understand the importance of data backup, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.Should you have any questions or concerns about data backup in Breedera, our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you.

Not yet, but we’re working on it!
You can currently use Breedera on your Apple or Android device, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google and OnePlus phones and tablets.

You can download the app via the App Store (if you have an iPhone or iPad) or Google Play (if you have an Android phone or tablet).

Breedera offers two plans:
  1. Free Plan: Create adult dog profiles, track matings, predict heat cycles, forecast whelp dates, and print/export records. It’s free of charge.
  2. Complete Plan: Includes all Free plan features, plus full litter tracking, puppy weight monitoring, feeding and treatment logs, document/photo uploads. Priced at £9.99 per month or £99.99 for a full year.

A load off your mind…

Backed by science.

PhD Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast School of Biological Sciences help shape our product by sharing their latest insights into dog and puppy behaviour.

Backed by breeders.

Breeders from across the world collaborate with us to ensure every aspect of Breedera is designed to suit the unique lifestyles of the dog breeding community.

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Calming the chaos of breeder life

Breedera gives you peace of mind that all your essential breeding records, health history and buyer information are in one easy-to-access place.

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